Opinion on Scriptorium?

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I am interested in submitting a font in order to sell it to Scriptorium. Does anyone here have an opinion or experience with this company? Is it a reliable, trustworthy company one can seel fonts to with no further hassles or disappointments?

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Hi Mosh,

I don't know anything about Scriptorium, but I do know about some other foundries where you could submitt your work. I'd like to talk to you about this offline, but your profile doesn't support recieving e-mails when you are not online. Can you e-mail me at dan@typeoff.de?


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Scriptorium/FontCraft have been around for quite a while, in fact I think they were one of the first independents to post a Web site. Dave Nalle was semi-regular on Typo-L but I can't say I've seen him active elsewhere online or at type conferences so it's difficult to form an opinion. His fonts certainly have a following - Tim Burton, and The Pirates of the Caribbean spring to mind. I would assume he's been reasonably successful to have stuck with it for so long, especially when other vendors have given up.

Cheers, Si

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i don't know about scriptorium, but another distributor you could always consider is IHOF. www.p22.com/ihof

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Dan, I'll write a message to you. By the way, you can reach me at viejo_amargadoINhotmail.com. I am certainly eager to hear some bit about the best options for dealing one's fonts with.

And yes, Scriptorium has been on a long time now. They have specialized in antique fonts, some of them quite interesting. Since one of my almost-completed fonts is a conversion from a XVII-Century printed book, I found Scriptorium an option for wanting to distribute it. But I wanted to know an opinion on the foundry's seriousness.

I'll also search for IHOF, Paul.

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There are a bunch of friendly indie foundries around, I would consider Fountain, Psy/Ops and Veer.

Good luck

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