Intellectual Property

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I'm actually working on a new typeface, my design is quite unusual and fresh and I would like to protect it from being stolen before official release. Initially I wanted to get some feedback from you guys during it creation but I am afraid to publish the sketch on the net.

How can I protect my design?

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Tricky question, my guess is you can't. We're mostly quite trustable persons though :)

One solution might be to show it to a smaller number of persons (by email or whatever), minimizing the risk of it getting out.

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I'd like to think that these boards are fairly
widely read. If someone stole your design from
these forums, you'd have a few thousand witnesses
and dates of postings to back you up. (That's not
to say we have resources beyond our sheer good
will to help anyone litigate.)

Consider the critique as a way to stake your

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Jean-Lou, there is no real protection.
But unless you're already an "established" designer (whatever that means), it's worth it.


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