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this is my first real shot at a pixelfont, I'm working on a bold version to go with it.
Please tell me what you think. I'm still not sure about the lc "w", but I kinda like it this way.


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I normally stay away from the pixel fonts as I hardly ever have anything positive to say. This however, is very, very nice. It looks like it has potential as a real vector font too. Excellent "g". Perhaps the "Q" could do with a more distinctive tail. Is this standard leading or has it been increased for the demo? It looks like you could lead a little closer.

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thanx Martin

I understand the feelings about the "Q" so I tried some other ones but I didn't came up with any nicer ones, which would fit the rest of the capitals. I'll try some more later.
You were right about the leading, I tend to overdo it. This time a little less.

I made some small changes: the horizontal bar in the "f" moved one pixel up.
And the "f","l" and "t" have a pixel less white to their rights.


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ok I finished the bold version so here it is.
I think it's primary use should be in titles etc. Not for large bodies of text.


I ofcourse apologize for the strange text. When you finaly manage to think of a text containing all the letters. It turns out to be a rather strange one.

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