Logotype for 25 ANNIVERSARY

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Hey everyone, it's my first time posting here.
so here are versions of a logotype for universidad de Alicante
for celebrates 25 ANNIVERSARY
Give me some comments on this if you please

sorry for my englishlogotype

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Sergio, looking at it for the first time, if I were uneducated in design, except for the third one, it reads UN not UA. I Also feel you need to use a different font for the type under 25 its very difficult to read. Also unless its only to be used in a huge size you need to use the dark red or blue type on the small type. Remember not all the readers are going to be 18 to 30 year olds. Dan

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The type at the bottom is too thin. Wouldn't it be more interesting to use something which contrasts with your top type? Very nice colors though. I think the combo on the far left or far right is best. The Red and Yellow seem to be the same tone at least closer than are the blue and yellow.

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