Postscript font lister/previewer/printer utility

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For TTF you have loads of handy little tools with which you can preview, select and print your fonts, for Postscripts you obviously have Adobe's Type Manager Lite, but with that one you can only view one at a time, and basically it is far from convenient to use. So without forking out the big cash, I am looking for a handy shareware/demo little tool to do this, preferably downloadable.

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Check out Printer's Apprentice. The demo version does screen-only previews, and the full version does printouts. It really sped up the QA process during a recent Euro repair project I did involving over 2800 font files.

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typograf is my choice for previewing and font management, postscript included

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i use font gander for viewing, but still havent found a spec-sheet program that does all it should. fontbook is the closest, but far from cigar-worthy.

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Print. App doesn't handle Postscripts

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I would suggest going to and doing a search for "font magangement" or "font preview". There should be scads of stuff that meets your needs.

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