(x) The New York Times headline & body copy - Franklin Gothic, NY Cheltenham ( custom ), Imperial {Dav}

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Any font ID, headline or body text, would be appreciated!


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The italic in the headline looks like a modified version of Charter ITC italic. The lowercase y for example between the two looks rather different while many other characters are very close. Not too sure on the body copy though.

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'Franklin Gothic', by Morris Fuller Benton, ( Custom ) 'NY Cheltenham', by Matthew Carter, and, 'Imperial', by Edwin W Shaar.?

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If I recall a specially drawn version of Cheltenham was created for The New York Times. I will guess (without looking at any spec books) that its the italic version of that redraw.

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I'd say that bit at the top is probably handdrawn (ballpoint)...

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How about the actual body text? Could anyone tell me that?

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Well.. Sure..Imperial’, by Edwin W Shaar.? :)

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So it is.... oops :)

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Imperial is close, but no cigar. Look at g and s in the Times copy vs. that of Imperial. Clearly different.

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It is Imperial, just not Bitstream’s digitization of Imperial. The version the Times uses is closer to the original.

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