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Founded in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology is an internationally recognized leader in professional and career-oriented education enrolling more than 15,000 students in eight colleges. The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences contains the Schools of Design and Print Media. Many outstanding faculty have taught at the renowned RIT School of Print Media (formerly School of Printing) including Alexander Lawson and Hermann Zapf.

The RIT School of Printing used to award the prestegious Frederic W. Goudy Award from 1969 to 1988. Zapf, Mardersteig, Chappell, Wolpe, Catich, Carter, and Frutiger are among the designers, typographers, and historians honored with this award.

RIT's Wallace Library is home to the Melbert B. Cary Jr. Graphic Arts Collection, curated by David Pankow. The Cary Collection is one of the country's premier libraries on the history and practice of printing. In 1969, the Cary Collection was presented to RIT by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust as a memorial to Mr. Cary. Today the library houses some 20,000 volumes and a growing number of manuscripts and correspondence collections. Also included are impressive holdings on bookbinding, papermaking, type design, calligraphy and book illustration. The goal of developing the digital image database is to enable users all over the world to sample the wealth of rich materials housed in the collection.

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