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I don't know how I overlooked this, but typophile Grant Hutchinson has created a slick bookmarklet/favelet that lets you search Typophile (via Google) while we tinker under the hood to get our official search tool back into action. With the wealth of content to sift through (100,000+ posts in the Forums alone), I can't recommend this tool more during the interim. It even crawls our newest feature, the TypoWiki.

Simply drag the link Grant provides to your browser's favorites or bookmarks bar, and it will pop a small Typophile search window every time you click it. Google does the rest.

Grant, you deserve a medal.


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You're absolutely welcome. All part of the community effort, you know...

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Wow! It works under Explorer as well. Equipment primates (like me) admitted. Thanks Grant!

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Heh. As long as we're admitting our software shortcomings... I still use Internet Exploder on my OS9-based Mac at home. Silly me. However unfortunate this situation is, it does force me into making sure all my little JavaScript gewgaws work pretty much everywhere.

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Thank you!

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