MyDefinition Chollorized typographic logo

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A logo I just completed for a nightclub.
Can't decided if it works best with or without the tail on the last "n". Opions?
Lettering is modified Chollo Unicase by
Sibylle Hagmann
(distributed by Hrant's favorite type foundry)
My Definition Final Logo.jpg

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it's better without it.

I like it by the way :)

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The "with" version looks like the tail was just tacked on, I don't think it fits with the rest of the letterforms, especially since the other "n" doesn't have tail.

I like it.

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Take the with version and wrap the tail around and back to the front - you'll have a 2050 baseball team logo :D

Just kidding - I'm with the group, without the tail becuase instead of adding, it does take something away from the design.

Stuart :D

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I like the tail, but I think it needs more weight. I would keep the width consistent through the bend, and even extend it a bit.

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Ole - Maybe you can ligaturize the fi combo...


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I'm with Marc. I like the idea of the tail, but as it's drawn, it's not working. The outer curve of the tail should be less circular and more acute, thickening the stroke and emphasizing the angle of the bend a bit more. You still might ultimately decide against the tail, but you'll have a better tail to consider. :)

I also like bj's idea of an "FI" ligature. It's worth a try.


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Here is some versions with the ligature fi. I tried this early on, but did not really like it. It seemed like it could look a bit like a stylized 'A"

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Decided the tail on the "n" was more trouble than it was worth

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the top one is probably the most readable option? where
is hrant when we need him? does anyone see the
potential for an 'n' in horizontally flipping that top lig?

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Met with client last night, they want the center
design with the fi ligature. Tiffany your idea of
doing a horizontal flip on one of the "n"s sounds
interesting. I think I will try that. Thanks

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Here is the version with the flipped "n"

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Ole - I'm not sure what Tiffany meant exactly, but flipping the second 'n' sted of the first might 'frame' it...?


with liberty. just an ideer.


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I'm always there when you don't need (or at least don't want) me.

BTW, Ole:
My favorite foundry is actually this small, obscure outfit where they make fonts that are less legible than anybody else's. It's called Emigraine.


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Okay. BJ was thinking along the same lines, but not quite
the same. So the top of these two images is what I meant,
but now I take it back cause there are too many tricks in
this bag. ¶ So then I tried the bottom of the two. I
removed the cholla-ness of the letter (although it would
be better to just draw your own shapes) and added a little
uniqueness. Only for the sake of ideas. ¶ As for tests and
finding a good fit when working on any identity (logo,
whatever) IMO if you plan on altering the type to make it
more "ownable" by the company, it is always easier (and
best?) to start from a simple (yet strong) foundation and
add. When using type that is too unique already (too
tricky, trendy) it is difficult IMO to avoid making things
even more tricky.


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haha. sorry about the absolutely sloppy image.

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Tiffany, the second one is very cool.

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I have been busy that past couple of weeks and did not notice all the re-workings/posts till' tonight.
I guess the thing to mention is that the client is kind of a minimalist. I tried a few extra mods that did not exactly increase legibility and client wanted it as simple as possible considering the budget ran out and new mods would cost extra them extra. I think perhaps the fi ligature is a bit too close to resembling a cap 'A" but it has gone to print and there is unfortunantly no more time for exploration. I appreciate the input.

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