Examining the formal characteristics of a typeface

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I am in need of a good way to start examining the formal characteristics of the font Gill Sans but need some resources to help get me going. Any ideas would be helpful!

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Also, compare Gill's structural characteristics to those of other sans serif fonts. Gill is a grotesque, differing in certain ways from gothic, geometric, and humanist fonts.


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You can use the Univers 55 measurements to establish comparations, so you can tell for example how much is the x height larger or smaller in different faces from the U55: 1.2 0.98 1,17 etc....

These are the vertical proportions:

23 + 51 + 26 = 100%

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I really appreciate your input! What exactly do you mean by "measure the uppercase and lower case alphabet length?"
Thanks again!

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Measure the vertical proportions: the x, capitals, ascenders and descenders height in relation to the eye (space between ascenders an descenders k - p ) and the capitals. (use Hkpl)

Measure the contrast (relation between the thickest and thinnest parts. Also measure the uppercase and lower case alphabet length.

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