What are you listening to?

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If you like the Strokes, you'll like The White Stripes even more. Happy and delicious.

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Evolution of the Trumpet by Arturo Sandoval (the more you know about jazz trumpeters, the more stunning this is) - Slim Whitman's Vintage Collection (Reliving the spirit of "Mars Attacks") - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss (lovely)

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Nitin Sawhney

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My short list:

GOMEZ! (current fav)

The Wrens
The White Stipes
The Books

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British Sea Power
the Killers

This thread shows me only two pages, weird.

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Jolie Holland

Her Texas accent is so pronounced she sounds Australian.

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I have a strong Texas accent. I thought people were kidding when they asked if I was from Australia. I'm so used to being kidded about my accent.

I put Jolie Holland's name in Pandora and got some great music to listen to. Thanks, Eric.


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A playlist I made in the fall called "Annual Report" obviously to listen to while working on an annual report.
Band of Horses
Beniot Pioulard
Elvis Perkins
Luke Temple
M. Ward
Miracle Fortress
Patrick Watson
Rogue Wave
Sea Wolf
Sparrow House
Vampire Weekend

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Man, I am so out of it, I don't recognize one name on that long list. Maybe I should see if the Smithsonian needs any more fossils.

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Just got through a great experience on the shuffler...

and headed for another excellent 45 minutes or so...

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An easy way to get up to speed on what all the kids are listening to non-ironically these days is to stream a college radio station for a couple of days. My alma mater's station is fairly decent. They regularly play about half the stuff on Katherine's awesome list.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll try it when I get home.

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a great band that is from my country hehe, they sing in english so you might understand the lyrics



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For the older folks, I was just listening to a young jazz singer named Jane Monheit, and have to say her phrasing is about as tasteful as I've ever heard.

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Gorecki — Symphony Number 3. And Webern — who seems very NOW!

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As good a place as any to leave this tip:

I found a nice free song today at iTunes today called "Far Far" by Yael Naïm. She's the one who does the song playing behind the airbook commercial.

I noticed her voice has a similar quality to Feist who does the song on the recent iPod nano commercial.

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Eric, as luck would have it, when I got around to tuning into Emerson's station, They are playing Broadway show tunes.
; )

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Oh yeah. I forgot to mention to listen during the day on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday they play nothing but show tunes, a capella, kids songs, R&B, punk rock, and Jewish/Israeli music.

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In honor of St. Valentine's: Beck's Sea Change

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just discovered Mark Ronson today, gotta love jazz versions of pop melodies!

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Here's an interesting little video. Cuban piano players always have an assortment of ways to allot notes in a measure.

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Here's an interesting little video. Cuban piano players always have an assortment of ways to allot notes in a measure.

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Soulful Deep House...

Any househeads here?

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Hey wow. I just signed myself up on last.fm.


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Can someone stop this useless thread?
I want letters!!
characters, scans, curves everything...


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new brutalism-brut unison Cd

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some folks might call these recordings "ambient", but the instrumentation is
more interesting than the usual electronic wallpaper, and song structures
merge with environmental drones. helps me when the pressure is on.

stars of the lid - avec laudenum
autechre - quaristice
alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto - vrioon
fennesz + sakamoto - cendre
phill niblock - guitar too for four

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Can someone stop this useless thread?

If they cancelled this one, it might require explaining why others, even more zanily off-topic, didn't get cancelled.
; )

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Tallis motets. Specifically, this CD.

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Tinnitus - the phenomenon, not the band

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The Foxglove Hunt. The synth work is awesome, awesomely good and awesomely bad. Can't wait to get the CD.

Nick Hladek

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The only new album I’ve picked up is Nine Inch Nails Ghosts. I’ve given up on keeping up with music—there’s just too much going on now. I could easily devote seven nights a week just to seeing local bands!

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I'm listening to God Dethroned right now. They rule!

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Lupe Fiasco Ft. Matthew Santos — Superstar
Tegan And Sara — Back In Your Head
Gnarls Barkley — Blind Mary
Kate Nash — Mariella
Radiohead — Idioteque

(My current 5ive, in a 'High Fidelity' kinda top list. ;) Maybe kinda commercial, but still kinda diverse. Bonus Track: Soil — Halo. ;)


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nick cave and the bad seeds.
going through his whole catalogue

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Vic One... do you have Nick Caves new album?

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grinderman - excellent!

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My neighbors arguing- I think their gonna get a divorce- and their damned Chihuahua yapping!!!

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Here ladies and gents, the real deal:



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and here we have it an oldie... yet a goodie, watch it all the way through


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The title of this one won't get past the auto censor, but lovin Holy F**k!

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My dog, snoring.

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Hayaino Daisuki. Because there’s just no way to go wrong with an all-female thrash metal band.

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Polysics over here...



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Ghostland Observatory
Across the Universe Soundtrack

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Snow Melting - hit record - High.

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I saw Polysics at the Glasshouse!!!!

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Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1996

Right now... the Dentists.

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