What are you listening to?

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If you like the Strokes, you'll like The White Stripes even more. Happy and delicious.

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Outer Space Suite - Bernard Herrmann (a shame it is not very long)

Also audiobooks (are they allowed?):

Walden - Henry David Thoreau (from Librivox)
1000 Autumns of Jacob de Zoet - David Mitchell

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Nothing says it has to be music. In my case, it is, though: Renditions made from Polish MIDI files of Kraftwerk's Radioactivity and Tour de France, with instruments picked out by yrs truly.

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Sounds great. Radioactivity - the only song I know of with lyrics in Morse code.

Radioactivity .. ... / .. -. / - .... . / .- .. .-. / ..-. --- .-. / -.-- --- ..- / .- -. -.. / -- .
Is in the air for you and me .-. .- -.. .. --- .- -.-. - .. ...- .. - -..--
Radioactivity -.. .. ... -.-. --- ...- . .-. . -.. / -... -.-- / -- .- -.. .- -- . / -.-. ..- .-. .. .
discovered by Madame Curie .-. .- -.. .. --- .- -.-. - .. ...- .. - -..--
Radioactivity - ..- -. . / .. -. / - --- / - .... . / .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- -.- .-. .- ..-. - .-- . .-. -.-

(Or something like that, I'm not exactly fluent in Morse.)

Also, Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service if you are in the UK and can access BBC radio online.

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I've just discovered, due to a forum post in another place where music is discussed as an off-topic subject, a Dutch musical ensemble of an unusual genre.

Symphonic Metal.


The music is impressive, and the lead singer, Simone Simons, is clearly very talented.

Also, as for my own personal quest, a more direct search on Google finally yielded up a 1989 Finnish-language cover of "It's My Party", titled Oon Sun Autos.

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Just discovered "Bon Iver" and can't stop listening to them! I even did a cover of their song "Re: Stacks" and put it on Youtube. You can check it out here, if you're interested:


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That Hungarian album of Venetian Snares.

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1982 Met recording of Carmen with Marilyn Horne

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Tommy Four Seven's new album Primate. Raw, uncompromising, and tribal. What an album.


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@ Tim

At the moment I am not in the mood for Tommy Four Seven – it makes me nervous. But This bitter earth - On the nature of daylight is beautiful.

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Right now, whatever's on Absolute Radio on 1215kHz.

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@ Arno

Why thank you! :D I have quite an eclectic taste. I'm all over the place when it comes to music haha! Right now I'm listening to some Progressive House. It's unseasonably warm, so I think it fits nicely. It's such a sunny and bright genre.


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I listen: Grooveshark.com

Jorge Drexler
Durrty Goodz
Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild
Steve Reich


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Chris Garneau, The Black Keys, Death Cab for Cutie, The Rescues, Dan Mangan, Elvis, Regina Spekter, and Arcade Fire.

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You know you are way too old for this thread when you don't recognize the names of bands or musicians mentioned 99% of the time :-)

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I am going to go on a limb, and say the name of an artist, who's voice can soothe the soul and make certain hormones from males and females explode.

Barry White.

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Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye

From Zorn's label, thought I'd seen that name before, Canwll.

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The name of the song? Or Jamie Saft Trio? Or neither?!

Right now it's M. Ostermeier's Chasing Ghosts. Unfortunately it's not on YouTube, but Lakefront is. Does that picture look familiar? It should! :D

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Todays Song:

Cold War Kids - Audience.

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The name of John Zorn haha. The book of angels series is really good btw. But for now:
Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

Té Rowan's picture

Radio Scotland on 810kHz.

CanwllCorfe's picture

The name of John Zorn haha.

Leave it to me to guess everything but what you were referring to! :D Haha! Yeah I'd heard of him on numerous occasions, but never sought him out. I finally got around to it!

Right now I'm listening to what very well could be one of my all time favorite songs. Dné - My Vitamins

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Sometimes I listen to the radio or http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/ which is great.
But when I'm really at it, working in a flow, only Michael Nyman cuts it.
The Kiss, The Claim, Gattaca are a few of his albums I like a lot.
Most ppl know him from the music for the movie 'The Piano' and a few Greenaway movies.

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Nice, but very short haha. Reminds me a bit of Fennesz.

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Brahms Requiem sung by one of our dear friends.

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Very early English and Italian emo.

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Charles Mingus and his multi-eponymous "Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus" album.

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Nice, but very short haha. Reminds me a bit of Fennesz.

Great song! And yeah that's the one downside. Though I think I prefer short to excessively long songs.

It's cold and rainy right now, so I'm listening to Le Lendemain's Lois off of their album Fires.

It suits the weather nicely. Here, try on Petrichor for size.

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Well it's warm and sunny over here, I'm currently listening to In the air, off Tim Hecker's new album.

Btw I think of the two songs you posted I prefer the long one.

CanwllCorfe's picture

Really?! Ambient Black Metal doesn't have that much of a following. Especially the weird stuff, like Brenoritvrezorkre. I've listened to that song maybe twice. It's kind of hard, since it's an hour long and all! :P But I love the bit with the blast beat. It's so relentless.

Anywho! Today it's quite beautiful out. It's supposed to thunderstorm later, but hey! I love thunderstorms. I haven't listened to Flica in awhile, so I put on some Nocturnal. It's so nice. I think of him and Uyama Hiroto as Summer musicians. Their music is so warm.

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Anyone for French House?
Fred Falke, Alan Braxe, some Lifelike

CanwllCorfe's picture

I'm not crazy about it, but I do love most Club oriented genres. I adore Progressive House, and enjoy Tech, Latin, and Tribal House as well. Then you have Electro and Techno and Trance and whatnot. It's all great.

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Bon Iver is phenomenal if your into indy/folk music.

CanwllCorfe's picture

Yeah I've heard a couple of his songs. I think I have more folk from The Tallest Man on Earth than anyone else. I love his music!

Right now I'm listening to D. Carbone - Apparence. Technotechnotechno.

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Johnny Cash – The Mercy Seat

It’s not only the music. I also like the video.

(The cover version by Nick Cave is likewise great.)

Arno Enslin's picture

It’s just the other way around. It’s Nick Cave’s song.

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Planxty, Martin Hayes, Bothy Band, Dolores Keane, Fleet Foxes, John Legend and Sigur Ros

vilbel's picture

Biosphere - Too fragile to walk on
Most probably one of his greatest tracks.

BrettR's picture

Silvia (Roboberget Remix) by Miike Snow

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The first radio/TV concert from the new music hall in Reykjavík.

BrettR's picture

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago, on my old vinyl player.

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William Walton: film music, and ‘A History of the English Speaking Peoples’ march (more Elgar than Elgar).

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