What are you listening to?

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If you like the Strokes, you'll like The White Stripes even more. Happy and delicious.

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hmm. It seems typophiles have a generally good
taste in music. I dig the local scene. There is
nothing like picking up a wicked homegrown album.

Can anyone tell me what Tortoise is like? I am meaning
to purchase one of their albums.

www.pitchforkmedia.com is a wonderful place for


godspeed you black emperor!
sigur ros - ( )
joy division - unknown pleasures, closer
high dependency unit - fireworks
jakob - cale:drew
and you will know us by the trail of the dead - source
tags & codes
arvo p

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I listen to Jazz and the best Jazz station around here is WBGO. Its out of Newark New Jersey, but can be heard at wbgo.org (online streaming) Its public radio no commercials. In terms of CDs I'm listening to The Bad Plus, Lizz Wright, Diana Krall, and Morellumbam 2 & Richi Sacamota

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The Bad Plus is amazing, I like also theses days Brad Mehldau, Lisa Ekdahl, Roy Hardgrove last one.

When not listening Jazz, The last Paul Weller "Fly on the Wall", Black Eyed Peas "Elephunk", Beyonc

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Steve, you like System? The lead singer is sort of a friend of mine.


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I have been listening to Messer fur Frau Muller and Messer Chups lately. Russian inde wierdness.

Anyone else know them?

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I've been listening to Anoushka Shankar Live at Carnegie Hall again and again and again. 'Tis excellent.

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I play guitar, and sometimes I use a bow too. Now, I don't like playing with the guitar as low as Page used to... I use a viola bow on about the 12th fret and mute the nut to get rid of those unwanted harmonics.

That said, I've been listening to:

The Chicago Underground (Quartet | Trio | Duo)
Isotope 217
Diana Krall
Chet Baker (mostly 'Chet Baker Sings')
Miles Davis ('Kind of Blue', 'Sketches of Spain')
Belle & Sebastian (The first 3 albums)
Tom Jobim & Elis Regina

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I have Diana Krall in Paris its so cool. In Manhattan from 12 noon to 4pm Eastern Standard Time, is the Johnthan Swartz show on WNYC FM. wnyc.org he has an elictic program that is based on American Classics, he will go from Ella to Paul Simon

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>>Steve, you like System? The lead singer is sort of a friend of mine.

That's cool Hrant - I've reached the point where I'm discovering new music through my kids and the general Kerrang-sound background noise that lives in my house. System are one of the bands that really stood out and made me stop and listen.

>>Who's Jimmy Page? (j/k)
Does '(j/k)' stand for 'joke'?

>>I play guitar, and sometimes I use a bow too. Now, I don't like playing with the guitar as low as Page used to... I use a viola bow on about the 12th fret and mute the nut to get rid of those unwanted harmonics.

Thanks for the tips Adriano. How long do bows last when you're using them on a guitar? And is there a reason for choosing one type of bow over another, or is it just a matter of taste?

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Current iPod faves:

New Pornographers - Electric Version

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I'll throw a couple ipod favs up too.

Belle & Sebastian
Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Death Cab For Cutie


Kings Of Leon
Youth & Young Manhood

The Long Winters
When I Pretend To Fall

My Morning Jacket
It Still Moves

Pretty Girls Make Graves
The New Romance

The Detroit Cobras
Love, Life And Leaving

The Shins
Chutes Too Narrow

The Wrens
The Meadowlands

Yo La Tengo
Summer Sun

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I'm a sucker for "What Are You Listening To" threads.


Sonic Youth - Murray Street
- Disconnection Notice, best song ever?

Quasi - Hot $hit (not really a dollar sign...)
- Newest (and angriest) from Sam and Janet, blues-touched and great.

William Parker / Billy Bang / Hamid Drake - Scrapbook
- Jazz Lives! Highly recommended, as is everything on the Matthew Shipp curated Blues Series imprint, or anything Parker and Drake play on.

Outkast - Love Below
-The Andre 3000 album of the 2 album set. If you've worn out the P-Funk collection...

Elliott Smith
- R.I.P.

Gories / Blacktop / Dirtbombs
- Mick Collins is the real deal. Like the White Stripes? Cuz they like Mick (in all of his many bands).

Damn. Now I wanna start checking out some of the other suggs made. Working at a library has it's downsides.

David Roughs

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Some current favs:
The Zombies, "Odissey And Oracle"
Neil Young, "After The Gold Rush"
B&S, "Dear Catastrophe Waitress"

... and, The Darkness! :-)

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<em>How long do bows last when you're using them on a guitar? And is there a reason for choosing one type of bow over another, or is it just a matter of taste?</em>

The bow I use isn't mine - the guy that used to play bass with me owns a viola (but never plays it), so I borrowed the bow. It's lasted a good 4 years now.

Back to the thread's original subject (although derailing a bit), I'd like to hear people's thoughts on the new Belle & Sebastian, "Dear Catastrophe Waitress". I really can't see it as B&S... it's a nice pop album, but it's just not the same band. I wonder if it was the lineup changes that got them to change this much, or if Stuart wanted to try something new... or maybe Trevor Horn did have a big influence as producer.
The sound is much more polished, a far cry from the signature B&S lo-fi-ish sound, and I'm not sure about some of the lyrics: "I'm sorry if he hit you with a full can of coke, it's no joke / Your face is bleeding".
I'll go back to "If you're feeling sinister"...

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Mmm, currently enjoying Tegan and Sarah.

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what??? can we wake up old threads now?

two disks of Carpenters classics. sweet!

Joe Pemberton's picture

You always could Paul... They're all still here, just obscured by the lack of search currently.

See my post about searching: http://typophile.com/node/12344

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Various albums from Amon Tobin, and Ed Rush and optical are in high rotation here.

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Tindersticks and Idlewild in heavy rotation. And a lot of Gregorian chant that I'm trying to learn.

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Royksopp ( still ...)
Aphex ( still ...)
Japan ( again )
Peter Licht
Boards of Canada ( still ...)
and a bunch of live CAN which was on bitorrent!

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took the last shins album out of rotation as it was getting annoying. current playlist: collected erik satie / berlin philharmonic; jon brion's ost for i heart huckabees; cherry twister; the drowners; jason falkner; dogs die in hot cars; kings of convenience remix album; ted leo / shake the sheets; ac/dc / back in black; circle jerks catalog


jlt : http://www.hewnandhammered.com : rock & roll mf

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My latest haul from Amoeba, including: The Haunted -- rEVOLVEr / Outbreak Records presents Biological Warfare mixed by Resonant Evil / Yello -- You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess / Raveonettes -- Pretty In Black / Caesars -- Paper Tigers / Rein Sanction -- Mariposa / The Velvet Teen presents "Elysium" / Akron/Family / Strapping Young Lad -- Alien

But mostly just the ringing in my ears from the incredibly loud Dillinger Escape Plan show I went to last night. It didn't really seem that loud at the time!

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Nice choice eben_sorkin, Boards of Canada are awesome, I quite like much of Aphex Twin's stuff as well.

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Soilwork , In Flames , Evergrey , Kamelot , Corrosion of Conformity , Opeth , Iced Earth , Shadows Fall , and on the indie side ... the bravery , the faint , phoenix ...

and a little Vanilla Ice to top it all off...

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Orchestra Baobab - Specialists on all styles. Can't seem to get enough of it.

marcox's picture

Josh Rouse
The Pernice Brothers
Kaiser Chiefs

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I saw Orchestra Baobab in Salt Lake, roballoo. They played a free festival there and their energy was contagious. Nothing else like it.

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I've recently re-discovered the masterpiece that is Weezer's debut album.

Eric_West's picture

RIP Weezer.

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I take walks in Central Park and walk through the "Mall" often (I mention that for the Typecon attendies) and there is a Sax player that rocks, and he plays a lot of Stan Getz and Gilberto. "Tall and tan and young and lovely…"

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With shuffle a permanent feature in iTunes everything has become happily random. That said, my recent purchases from the ever-present and completely tempting ITMS:

Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague)
Keane (Hopes and Fears)
Amos House Collective (Volumes 1-3)
Keren Ann (Nolita)
Sufjan Stevens (A Sun Came)
Beck (Guero)
A.C. Newman (The Slow Wonder)

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In the Twin Cities (and everywhere via streaming webcast) 89.3 The Current redeems radio.

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sure this new, pop, funky stuff is ok... but I prefer...

Taj Mahal - ("Giant Step..." and his self titled cd are phenomenal)
Keb' Mo' - (try "The Door")
Ray Charles - (the older the better, stay away from "Thanks for Bringing the Love Around")
Robert Randolph and the Family Band - (very very good)
Jimi Hendrix - (get "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" box set 4cds, incredible compilation of live and rare recordings with outakes)
Led Zeppelin - (most, in general)

Those are some of my current and/or all time favorites off the top of my head

also check out for variety...

Bela Fleck
Blind Boys of Alabama
Clifton Chenier
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Frank Sinatra
Johnny Cash
Man or Astro Man
Norah Jones
Orchestra Baobab
Reverend Horton Heat
Rolling Stones
Son House
Tim Reynolds
- acoustic live only...

iTunes party shuffle is great... so technically these are all in my playlist. That was a lot I suppose, but worth it. Editing is difficult...


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Roballoo, good choice: Orchestra Baobab are amazing.

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Ask Joe about his fabulous Alanis collection, and the warm reception it always gets when it finds its way into the studio playlist.


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I think I've posted in this thread already, some time ago. Oh well!


(having trouble using the < a > tag)

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michael buble :: feeling good
tom jones
norah jones
cassandra wilson :: harvest moon
st. germain
de phazz

Dav's picture

A.D.F., Blade, Breakbeat Era ( Thanks, Yves :), Buelent, Interpol, Kings of Leon, Kosheen, Lamb, Mardi Gras.BB, Morcheeba, Various DJs

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Last purchased or digitized songs/albums from early january (last month update).

PS. first post on this new redesigned forum! Great new design. Congratulations.

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Pixies, Bunbury, Radiohead, Raphael, Ladytron, Ween, Skinny Puppy, Los Pelados del Norte, Mano Negra, Interpol, La Barranca, San Pascualito Rey, Rammstein, ABBA (!), Sisters of Mercy, Starsailor, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Björk, Bowie, Led Zep, Muse, Los Toreros Muertos. All of them being assorted Mp3 on my PC.

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Never saw Siouxsie's Banshees or Creatures as being gothies. In my opinion, they were mostly experimenting with different kind of sounds. For eighties gothies there were the Sisters, the Nephilim...

By the way, ¿is there something of the "new" Goth from this decade not some cloning from the eighties? Still searchin'...

mosh's picture

Interpol, yes, of course they are Joy Division clones, but they are great live and have punch to their songs -Joy Division was conceptually great but Ian Curtis "sang" terribly, let´s admit it!!! (Not as terribly as the singer in New Order, though).

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Welcome JFP!

At this very moment: Super Discount

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This is my first typophile post ever!

Currently listening to everything by 2 Many DJ’s. I went to see them last Friday at Fabric and they were awesome!

timd's picture

I intend to inflict some of these tracks on my co-workers

Ermin's picture

kind of eclectic but iTunes said so:
stan getz, a.c. jobim, joao & astrud gilberto, james brown, al jarreau,
michel legrand, quincy jones, madredeus, towa tei, jamiroquai, burt bacharach,
the orb, michael franks, diana krall, fitzgerald +previn (live in berlin or rome, not sure),
pat metheny, charlie parker, toots thielemans, beck, cake, bjork and chemical bro's...
famous friends from my hometown www.thebambimolesters.com

and just friends www.soulfingers.net

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I understand why you wouldn't want to label Siousxie and the Banshees/Creatures and being Goth, however they did have serious impact on the scene itself. I was involved in the Goth/Industrial scene for sometime throughout the 90's and they were at the forefront of what was happening musically. (I remember some of my friends used to cry when Siousxie would come on stage. :) ) Robert Smith once said that he and Siousxie never intended for people to categorize them in this manner, they don't consider themselves a part of any scene or genre – but they are flattered all the same.

I am not that familiar with the goth scene anymore (I still stick to the oldies) but it seems that this genre has morphed itself into contemporary "alternative" hard rock/punk. I can't give any examples as I avoid these records like the plague. I truly believe the goth scene died mid-nineties. Though, Peter Murphy is on tour again, I will be seeing him next week in Portland and I CANNOT wait. :)

Interpol, great band, and yes, obviously influenced by Joy Division, another one of my favorites. No matter how awful some may perceive Ian Curtis' voice to be, I still hear sweetness in songs like "Atmosphere." I highly recommend picking up some JD on vinyl – there is a quality to the music that is lost in other mediums. Early New Order did quite well with carrying on the Warsaw/Joy Division sound, but as soon as they went into mainstream discos, there wasn't much left for me to really enjoy.

Anyone ever hear New Order's Video 5-8-6? (intense, bass driven, 28 minute track)

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