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So I'm curious if there is a way to do the following:

I have a document that is setup as a template.
There are two pages in the document, one that is in color and one that is in grayscale.

These templates have text modified and then are saved foreach vendor. The modifications to the color are axactly the same as to the grayscale. Is thre I way I can duplicate the text from the first to the second? Like a symbol instance in illustrator, you would change the parent and all the children would change? I'm trying to think of an easy way to do this. (aside from just copy and pasting items)

Help is appreciated.

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Would it work to put the text elements on a master page, and modify them there?

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...or put the text, grayscale and color elements on their own layers. Once the text changes are finalized, hide the unwanted layer and save as PDF for vendor.

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Hmm.. I guess I could do a master page.
Thats not a bad idea.


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The layer-Thing is what I'd do, as well. Alternatively, you can simply copy & paste-in-place the text from one page to the other.

HD Schellnack

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