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Founded by ReneVerkaart in 2004, Characters Font Foundry is an independent Dutch type foundry, designing and selling high quality public- and commisioned typefaces. CFF fonts have been used for corporate identities, websites and packaging.

Besides being a self-taught type designer, René Verkaart is the co-founder of Stoere Binken Design, a renowned Dutch graphic design studio based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Accelerator, Ballet Mechanique, Bionix, BorVer, Cucaracha, Encrypted Wallpaper, FatBoy, Freaky Animals, Insider, Kryptonite, Nantua, Nantua Flava XL, Nordic A, Nordic Narrow, Plan A, B, C, Porta, Reethi Rah, SBD Block, SBD Block Cutout, Shell Shock, Shell Shock Cloak, Siventi Logo + Icono and Vagebond Condensed / Normal / Extended.

Statensingel 199
NL 6211-PR Maastricht
The Netherlands

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Characters Font Foundry is a brand of Creative Holding B.V.


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