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Use Amazon searches to create words. I.E. search for Heller and it spells out Heller with pictures of book covers from the search results. Would be nice to be able to spell my own words with a search.

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> ( AmazType, at Typographica )

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Amaztype is a really cool project. Yugo the designer spoke at Flash In the Can 2005 this past April and he had one of the best presentations of the whole 3 days, and his work, from an interactive perspective I think is really good.

He was saying how this was just sort of a fun project, but it turns out he was making a pretty good amount of money from all of the referals fees he was getting from Amazon.

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Formlos ~

I'm not surprised. I figured it must have shown up elsewhere in the typosphere. I am surprised that I missed it on Typographica though.

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