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I'm working on refining my personal brand. In my attempt to make my identity as strong as possible, I have created a tag-line for myself. Reliable creative.

I will use the logo with the tag-line on my website and promotional material, where as the MK logo is already in place on my business cards and letterhead, so that can not be modified at this point, although a critique on that would be great as well.

Does the logo look proportional? Does it reflect reliable creative?

Your critique is appreciated.
[logo attached]

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Reliable creative is a little small right now, in my opinion.

Try to make it (a little) bigger, so the it shows you're proud of being reliable and creative.

And the logo looks reliable, because it's got a bit of seriousness to it. But I guess it could be more "creative".

Also, the image you posted was small and the logo was kind of cut off, try leaving some space next time (like a white border).

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If you want to get all conceptual, the 'M' teetering on the stem of the 'K' suggests instability, imbalance, etc. If they were vertically stacked (with care), that would help to communicate 'reliability'.

To make the overall logo more creative, you could use a script (or your handwriting/signature) for one of the letters (probably the 'm').

I like the shade of red you've picked as well as the font.


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I have a problem with the slogan. Reliable Creative, implies anyone else is unreliable, a negitive for the industry. It creates a red flag (your logo) don't trust anybody in the graphic arts.

I could see it now IBM, Reliable Computers (I don't think so)

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While I disagree with some of what Dan is saying, I do agree that specifically stating "reliable" seems odd.

As for the visual aspects, the 'Reliable Creative' is a bit small, and I'm not a fan of how the 'M' makes the upper left side of the box feel a bit askew. It's not a reason to not use the logo, it's just something that bugs me. Consider aligning the top of your name with the top of the 'K', as well.

It's a clean, fairly attractive logo, but it doesn't shout 'creative' to me and isn't very memorable. However, it does have a calmer feel that could be interpreted as experienced/reliable. I'm not your target audience though, and they may respond to this with more interest than I do.

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First off, thanks for the feedback thus far.

I've reworked the size and placement of my name and Reliable Creative. The increase in size of the latter was much needed. Link to updated logo. (Is there a better way to actually show an image on this forum?)

Kyle: I had not seen the teetering until you pointed it out. That's something I will definitely keep in mind and might start playing with some modified concepts.

Daniel and Chris: The idea behind Reliable Creative is that I'm an art director that consistently meets deadlines and produces professional work that will fulfill the project goals. Unfortunately not everyone in the graphic arts is reliable, but it's something I take pride in and is a personal selling point.

I don't mean to say that I am the only reliable creative in the industry, because you know that's not the case. I would just like to harness that as my unique selling point.

Just a note on my target audience, I'm specifically targeting creative directors, creative department heads, and similar positions in ad/graphic design agencies.

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If you changed the strap to Reliably Creative you could make a nice play on words without losing your USP. I feel you could expand the letters further to create a logo which can still be read. On your new logo the strap line is not visually aligned to the left of your name, while your name is not aligned with the top of the mark.

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"I don’t mean to say that I am the only reliable creative in the industry, because you know that’s not the case. I would just like to harness that as my unique selling point."

I don't think anyone is accusing you of this, although calling it your 'unique selling point' does seem to say that. The concern is not how we percieve you, but rather how your intended audience percieves you as a result of this approach.

I have to throw my vote in with Dan and Chris; calling yourself a "Reliable Creative" is sort of like a used car dealer calling himself a "Trustworthy Salesman"--e.g, it only means you were in some doubt to begin with. :)

"In Bean's experience, anyone who used the phrase 'I'm not stupid' was only prodiving evidence to the contrary."

--Orson Scott Card, Ender's Shadow

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Hi Mike,
Sorry, but I also agree with Dan, Chris, and now Daniel. It comes across as haughty, although we can see you aren't.

What if you broke it up somehow? "Reliable, Creative." "Creativity on time."

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The updated logo looks like three different styles and ideas fighting against each other for attention. I would lose the square with the initials. The contrast between the two fonts looks odd in the square. The font used for your name reads as "reliable, dependable and I think the previous suggestion of using a signature with a qoute of "creativity on time" is brilliant. Whats your secret for meeting deadlines? Being creative...I'm alwase one day behind and apologizing for all my RUSH print jobs... I can only drink so much coffee and diet coke...let me in on your secrets!

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Hmmm, I'm not as knowledgable as the above few, but the difference in size betweent the M and K just seems a little off. either try to use a different letter style or make the leters the same size, but all-n-all it looks good. A very professional logo.

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