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During the beta phase you can search Typophile content via Google.

As we ported over the forum discussions from the previous system we created a static (non-database driven, non-editable) version of the forums. Google's efficient bots have catalogued the forums and you can search them.

When the new search is implemented (it's in testing now) all of the forums, wiki, blogs, news and content will be searchable.

To search with Google, type your keyword into the search field.

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I've created a handy dandy little Favelet that you can add as a bookmark in your browser toolbar that gives you one-click access to a Google-powered Typophile search. I would post it here, but the Punchcut Brotherhood™ have eliminated the ability to post any JavaScript snippets to the forums. (Smart move, maliciousware-wise actually.)

The Favelet can be nabbed from my weblog here.

It currently works in Safari and Firefox and should be fine for users of Internet Explorer as well.

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I've confirmed that the Favelet also works in IE6/Win, Firefox/Win, Opera7/Mac, and Mozilla/Win.

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Works as advertised on Opera 8.0 as well.

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Thanks Mark!

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