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My first thread on here so I guess I'll open by saying that I've worked in design for some twenty years and I'm writing my dissertation for my postgraduate in graphic design and typography. I've been asked to research the papers of John Peters, designer to Cambridge University Press, creator of Castellar, Petrus and Fleet Titling. Peters has some 7 boxes of his papers in the archives at the University Library in Cambridge but he is proving very elusive. I've yet to find his obituary or a record of whether he had children. An obscure query for a forum such as this but maybe worth asking. I'm off to track down any contacts in the city. I have found a beautiful, tiny specimen print of Petrus - the 4 1/2pt bible print that he created and his original drawings which are wonderful to see.

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Have you found e.g. this

which says he committed suicide at age 72 but does not say when.

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and this says he lived 1917-1989

but probably you do know all this

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There is a very truncated bio at Linotype:

"The British designer John Peters (born 19. 11. 1917 in Hilson, died 12. 5. 1989 in Hilton) created the font Castellar® in 1957."

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