Etched in oak tree: Flab loves Fog.

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For some reason I can't post in the announcement of Pyrus' acquisition of Fontographer, so I'll do it here (oh, and one more thing, when's that automated password-sender-to-existing-members system going to be up and running? I felt bad registering as a new member to do this).

This is, of course, big news.

So let me get this straight...
I'm not complaining, just curious...
Adobe acquires Macromedia; Adobe then sells Macromedia's Fontographer to Pyrus...
I think this is, ultimately, really great--if you keep Fog with its current tools and manner of performing. It seems like a matter choice, and giving people a choice of performance style is only reasonable.

I've never had the chance to use Fog--when are you going to make a demo available?

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here's the email i got from Macromedia:

Dear Fontographer user,

I am writing to inform you that Fontlab Ltd. has signed an agreement with Macromedia to become the exclusive distributor of the Fontographer product. This means that Fontlab will be assuming product support and sales for both the Macintosh and Windows versions of Fontographer effective as of May 9, 2005.

Fontlab is a leading developer of digital typography solutions and has expressed a commitment to continue to sell and support the current versions of Fontographer, while it begins work on updates and improvements to the product. After a long search, we are very pleased that we have found such a strong partner in Fontlab and that Fontographer is now part of an entire family of products focused exclusively on the needs of the typographic community.

The Fontlab site ( will have information on Fontographer support and sales. If you wish to hear more about the future plans for Fontographer, or to request new features, interface improvements, or other product changes, the Fontlab team encourages you to contact them at

David Mendels
Executive Vice President, Macromedia, Inc.

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>> "After a long search, we are very pleased that we have found such a strong partner"

More like: "Our new mommy told us to share."


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