Indices : Designiq

Graphic studio of Filip Blažek was founded in 1997, since 2003 the company name is Designiq. Its focus lies in three main fields — the creation of logotypes and corporate identity, promotion of organisations focusing on cultural work, and consulting services for type designers and type foundries.

The studio employs well educated designers with long-term experience. The studio also works in cooperation with experienced part-time employees (photography, architecture, programming, etc.) and long approved printing presses.


Graphic design

— logotype and corporate identity designs
— design and implementation of magazines, annual reports and brochures
— book layout, typesetting, cover designs
— design and implementation of web pages
— posters and promotion materials
— and more...


— support for creating multilingual fonts, including plain or class-based kerning for PC and Mac
— designing correct diacritics respecting local tradition
— repairs of old typefaces, conversion of typefaces between Mac and PC platforms
— individual Python scripts for FontLab


— help with choosing a suitable typeface
— consulting the shape, size and position of diacritical marks
— analysis of present graphic design of newspapers and magazines
— participation in committees that choose the right graphic design for a certain purpose

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