(x) Saturate logo script - Eclat {Jan Sandvik}

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Saturate logo? Any ideas on the typeface?


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Noo.. Sorry, It sure is 'Eclat', but this type ID has been requested quite a few times before ( Once a month, maybe.? :), on Typophile.. :)

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I've done that a few days ago "Culturgest" and remember posts like "another eclat post"!!!!

Jorge Marcedo
Coimbra | Portugal

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Jorge, look for it on typophile: "another eclat post" is a joke we have on typophile for one type ID we get almost every month. I didn't intend to ofend you or anything...

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Don't worry, I was saying that I made the very same error 5 days ago and was just kidding about your post! I was certainly not offended...

I think the problem will be solved when we could access to the "search" feature... until then, there will be more "eclat posts" like this!!!

Um abraço,

Jorge Marcedo
Coimbra | Portugal

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