'classical' designer needed

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I'm looking for a freelance graphic designer/artist who is adept at the 'classical' kind of drawing and design done by Raphael Boguslav. (www.boguslav.com)
I contacted Raphel and he was not inbetersted in this particular commission due, I think, to it's sexual nature...

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I think, to it's sexual nature...

What kind of job should that be?

Does this designer have to be in the UK?

--Jacques (NL)

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So inhaling chemicals is OK, but not the way we're born. :-/

Hey Jacques, I guess your new icon was timed perfectly!


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His work most certainly is beautiful.

I would never immitate his style. You should consider me even though I am not a calligrapher! I designed for Prince Charles. I come recommended by Stan Nelson of the Smithsonian Institute.


I have not offered my services since 1994.

What you want interests me.


Gerald Giampa
Lanston Type Company

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I am young, cheap and fast. :-)

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Sorry to hear that. I was that way when I was young, the doctors could't help. After about 25 years I just seemed to grow out of it.

Be patient. (Smiley face goes here!)

Gerald Giampa
Lanston Type Company

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With your calculation, I am old as well: Tomorow I have my 28th birthday... :-(


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Jacques, Happy 28th!

I got kids your age.

I have four grand daughters. Lots of stories I won't be telling them, that's for sure.

Did I ever tell you about my grand father?


Gerald Giampa

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Jacques --

Your birthday is the 12th? Happy birthday!

Mine is today (the 11th, lucky me {:-/ ).
Twenty-eight was many years ago, however.
I'm no longer young, fast, or cheap.

-- Kent.

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Happy Birthdays, today and tomorrow.
Kent, you can't be 28, come on.

Young, fast, cheap? I'm two out of three.


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When did I say I was 28? As I said, that was many
years ago. Jacques will be 28, not me.

But I'm not as old as Tiffany thinks I am. ;-)

-- K.

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happy happy joy joy Kent, I wish you all the best


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Happy Birthday, Kent!


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Sheesh. Somehow I knew that was coming.

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Happy birthday, Kent! We'll toast in Vancouver...

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