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Publisher: Typosition (GER)

Published in Offenbach, Germany. Typosition was founded by Peter Reichard. Issue #4 (»Group 11 – typography is international«, 2004) features an in-depth article about mixing writing systems and latinization by Hrant Papazian and some other articles about non-latin typefaces. The issues before had these topics: »norming in typography and design« (2002), »collecting mania« (2003), »typography« (2003).

In Autumn 2005 the 5th issue under the title »Hamburgefonts« will published about type specimen books. spatium is published in German and English and in every issue their are a lot of international contributers (Tarek Atrissi, Oded Ezer, Hans Peter Willberg, Jorge Alderete, Fons Hickmann, David Quay, Heinrich Lischka, Filip Blazek Typo Magazine, etc.).


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