I love Czech Type

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I love Czech Type.. I do.. I do..
( I think I fell in love with the typographic quality of my northern, neighbouring country, as well.. :)

~ Storm Type Foundry ( František Štorm, www.stormtype.com )
~ Suitcase Type Foundry ( Tomáš Brousil, www.suitcasetype.com )
~ TypoCZ ( Filip Blazek, www.typo.cz )
~ TYPO ( www.magtypo.cz )

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Me too! Josef Tyfa, Slavoboj Tusar, Vojtech Preissig and Oldrich Menhart are all great! I broke down and bought the entire Storm Czech Type Library earlier this year, and then went back to storm to buy Farao, which I love to bits.

František Štorm is a nice guy to deal with, as well. Stormtype is definitely one of the classiest small foundries.

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Vojtech Preissig has an "i" in his last name, doesn't he?


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Yes he has.

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Oopsie! My bad! Edited to fix!

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And don't forget the e-a-t project, that shows the work auf czech and slovak typographers and designers http://www.e-a-t.org

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