Vojtech Preissig

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Czech type design and illustrator. Born in Bílina in 1873. Lived in the United States during World War I. Died in the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau in 1944.

Digitizations of Preissig type designs:

P22 Preissig Roman - P22 type foundry
Preissig Antikva - František Štorm
Ruzena Antikva -Psy-Ops
Preissig - Alex White

Czeska - Typerware
P22 Preissig Extras - P22 type foundry
P22 Preissig Lino - P22 type foundry
P22 Preissig Scrape - P22 type foundry
Preissig 1918 - František Štorm
Preissig Ozdoby - František Štorm

Recommended reading:
Vojtěch Preissig, Czech Typographer? by Iva Knobloch, Typo Magazine issue 14, March 2005, http://www.magtypo.cz

The Terminal article P22 : Vojtech Preissig

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