Offenbacher Haggadah

Offenbacher Haggadah from 1927

a limited private print for Rudolf Kochs friend notary Dr. Guggenheim. Max Dorn, Offenbach was the artdirector/layouter/executive printer for this project. The book was printed in two colors on Zerkall Bütten paper including 12 handcolored illustration pages by Fritz Kredel. The uniqueness is the combination of the Jessen Schrift (a gothic blackletter design) and hebrew typefaces.

It contains also pages with musical notes cuted in type by Rudolf Kochs son Paul who worked by this time as apprenticie in the print office of Klingpor.

The work was set in the 14pt pre-final version of the later called Peter-Jessen-Schrift.

The price was in 1928 60RM, no easy money by this time. Today you have to pay between 600 - 1000 Euro, if you have the chance to get some of these rare items.

A public copy is available at Deutsche Bücherei, Leipzig at the Lesesaal des Deutschen Buch- und Schriftmuseums (Typespecimen library) (ask for item 1927 B 3622) and in the library of the Klingspor-Museum.

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