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Probably the largest family of Blackletter types ever cast, the Deutsche Schrift was the first of Rudolf Koch's designs for the Klingspor foundry. More weights would be added by Koch, the Klingspors, and by D. Stempel AG until the second World War.

Family members include:
Deutsche Schrift (1908)?
Deutsche Schrägschrift

Deutsche Anzeigenschrift (Anzeigenschrift means Headline Face)
- breiter Schnitt (extended)
- schmaler Schnitt (condensed)
- schmaler, halbfetter Schnitt (condensed, semi bold) this was the default design
- enger Schnitt (ultra condensed)

Deutsche Zierschrift (a outlined and engraved version)

Deutsche Werkschrift (Werkschrift means Bookface)
- mager (regular)
- halbfett (semi bold)

Koch wasn't very much in love with this typeface, but due to its great commercial success D. Stempel AG and Klingspor forced extensions to the family. (1910 to at least 1921; some of the Anzeigenschriften were cut during the 1930s).

Maximillian is a similar design to the Deutsche Schrift. Presumably, Koch have better feelings about Maximillian

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