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TypeCon is the annual event of the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA).

TypeCon is held in a different host city each year. SOTA partners with local and international organizations to produce a low-cost event featuring some of the brightest names in type, design, and the related disciplines. TypeCon offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where students and novices can mingle comfortably with seasoned professionals.

TypeCon allows type lovers from all walks of life to get together - to listen, to learn, to teach, to network, and to take renewed inspiration into their own work.

TypeCon has been held in North American cities to date, but draws a growing number of speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from outside North America.

The growing flickr TypeCon pool documents not only the event but local venue signage and other lettering as well.

TypeCon venue history:
TypeCon1998 - Westborough, Massachusetts
TypeCon2000 - Westborough, Massachusetts
TypeCon2001 - Rochester, New York
TypeCon2002 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TypeCon2003 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
TypeCon2004 - San Francisco, California
TypeCon2005 - New York, New York
TypeCon2006 - Boston, Massachusetts
TypeCon2007 - Seattle, Washington
TypeCon2008 - Buffalo, New York
TypeCon2009 - Atlanta, Georgia

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