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Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main.

In Offenbach am Main, Germany. Right near Frankfurt. A state-run art university that teaches fine art, advertising, product design, set design, graphic design, and a bit of typography, amoung some other things. Between 600 and 700 students total. The professor for typography is Friedrich Friedl.

Klaus Hesse has been the professor for conceptional design since 199. His work (including his professional work at Hesse Design) is very typographic.

Type design has not been part of the curriculum officially since 1979. Many type designers have taught at the school, however. For instance, from 1947–1979, Karlgeorg Hoefer taught calligraphy and type design there.

The school's website is http://www.hfg-offenbach.de

In 2004, several students came together to form a type design collective, TypeOff as several attempts to reintroduce it officially back into the curriculum were thwarted. http://www.typeoff.de

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