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Image Club Graphics was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1985 by Greg Kolodziejzyk, and used direct marketing to sell fonts, clip art, and photos for desktop publishing.

In 1991, Image Club developed their own PostScript to TrueType conversion utility called Evolution and used it to move their entire library to the new font format.

In 1994 the company was aquired by Aldus Corporation, which in turn merged later that year into Adobe Systems of California.

In 1998 Adobe rebranded Image Club as Adobe Studios, which subsequently became the independant EyeWire after a management buyout. In 1999, EyeWire was acquired by Getty Images and later absorbed into the realm of the mothership. Finally in 2003 the Image Club library along with the EyeWire domain name was acquired by, who are now the exclusive distributors for the fonts. The Image Club clip art collection, as well as the remaining vestiges of the EyeWire stock imagery line, is still owned and distributed by Getty Images through various third party resellers.

Grant Hutchinson was one of many designers who created original typeface designs for the Image Club library. Others included Patricia Lillie, Jean McAllister, Laurie McCanna, Cathy Larson, Ty Semaka, Calvin Glenn, Dean Stanton, Noel Rubin, Michael Allard, and Lorne Maclean.

Comment: "I lived through all these changes... wish Image Club would still be around."

Grant replies: "It was a wild ride, to be sure. Image Club lives on... in my basement, on my hard drives, and at this site - which will eventually become a historical document of the company and the people who worked there."

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