Tree Carved Font

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Hi there! I am not sure if I am in the right place, and if not, I apologize in advance. Its kind of an ID question, but the thing is, I am not even sure a typeface exists. I am looking for a typeface that looks like it was carved into a tree — as young lovers might do: “Robert [hearts] Betsy,” etc, … If you can help, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much!

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Perhaps one of these?

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This font was created specifically to simulate letters incised in wood, although its letterforms would suggest a lovesick young man (or woman) with a slightly more refined typographic sense than most.

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Bethany, I would suggest not so much a font but a technique. Open Photoshop type some simple text or use a symbol (like a heart) and apply layer effects to create a cutout effect. Make the layer opacity 0% and you will have the layer effect with no fill. Find a tree image and apply.

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Love Carvings by Marco Langbroek (LaMa Fonts) might be what you are looking for.

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