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This is the logotype for my design studio...the top is the logotype I've been using (for the most part on my website). The bottom is a version I've been toying with...just wanted to get some feedback on readability, impact, etc.

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I can read all of them. I prefer the first one.


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first is best

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first. but the figures seem soooo square in comparison to
the nice round courners of the letters. the space in
between the '1' and the '4' is a little too much in
comparison to the space on the outside, ergo i would
make the black box a little bigger and the figs a bit
smaller (or maybe just the box bigger). in fact, i might
take them out of the black box, it seems to go again the
letters in the word 'flow'. or the black box the same
height as the 'flow' and shrink the figs. also, maybe
another issue is the fact the 'flow' is in an extended
typeface, but the figs are not? they seem too dissimiliar to
work? all questions and comments and ideas. one thing i
would not change is 'flow'.

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> readability

in the second version i read 'flsw' instead of 'flow'...

(...maybe because english is not my mother language?)

you could make the horizontal white spaces in the 'o' a little bit smaller to avoid this...


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Alright...taking your helpful comments into consideration, I've made some adjustments and changes to the 14. I'm posting some of the variations I came up with and I already have a favorite, but I would still like to hear what everyone thinks.

This process has definitely helped me move in the direction I wanted to go. I really liked my original logo, but something didn't feel quite right about it. I think now I'm getting to the stage where I feel it's complete and I won't have the compulsion to keep making changes...I think I'm my own worst client.

Thanks for the feedback...keep it coming!

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bottom is my favorite

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i think that 'b.1' is nice...

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My favorite is the bottom one (c.2). It works much better with the symbol...

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