Ornaments - neaded!

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Plese tell me where I can find something to fill places between words, or places on the corners of my projects of "small layout information about a wine"?
I don't want to design it, becouse they are designed! I know there are books about ornaments in typhography but I don't know, where??
Help me - please.

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ok. I was trying to help someone - and now it will be better when she'll ask you what she want.
but - thanks!

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I am the person who needs this information?
Before I asked my boyfriend to help me with finding something about the ornaments.
So I have some places on the etiquets between deferent information about the wine, but a can not separate them with space between because it does

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Briar Press has nice ornaments in .eps format

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I usually don't like ornaments (they're either too stodgy or too weird), but this is plain amazing:


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If you have to fill space try this
look up woodtype ornaments.
But why do you have to fill spaces?

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Zagatka ... If I'm understanding you correctly, you need ornaments, also known as fleurons, for a design? There are so many, but I'll give you a few good links.

Lanston Type Foundry
Click on any description with the word 'Fleuron' in it.
This is a search for the word 'decoration'.
Several choices here as well.

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