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Hi everyone,

I'm creating a book review blog. I have the name, the logo concept, and the typeface I want to use.
Blog Name: LIVRE (book in french)
Typeface: League Gothic (

Everything was going well during my design phase until multiple people said at first glance it looks like liver. Definitely not what I want my blog to represent. Toxin gathering organ. So you can tell me if I should continue with what I was doing, change the name (maybe libros) or just scrap the whole thing? I attached my first draft of the logo.

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I can’t comment on the livre/liver issue, but I’m not sure the typeface goes very well along with the chosen title and subject matter (unless, of course, you are intentionally aiming at contrast).

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I'm willing to move away from the typeface if you have any other recommendations. Right now I'm willing to start from scratch.

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Choice of typeface also depends on the kind of books you are going to review, and the style in which you will review them…

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I think the whole LIVER issue stems from the fact that few Americans speak French these days (I'm one of the few, so the name works for me).

Libros is Spanish, yes? So it may have a higher recognition factor.

I like your logo designs, especially the two on the far left (top and middle). To Riccardo's point, you may want to consider the tone you want to set with the typeface, but I think you've done quite well already. Your content will inform the logo, and together they'll create your brand.

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If you’re going to change the title, you could use the singular “libro”, which means “book” both in Spanish and in Italian.
Or, going the other way, maybe using the plural “livres” could lessen the likelihood of someone misreading it.

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French used to be a popular 2nd language in the U.S., but it's largely been replaced by Spanish.

Older readers may remember French from their school days. Younger folks probably not.

You might try an image that looks like a book, and maybe even a small caption that explains the name.

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Two thoughts off the top of ma tête:

(1) In general, words decode more easily in caps and lowercase than in all caps (some followers of this site may not share that opinion). It's worth a try, though the effect is diminished in words with few ascenders or descenders (such as Livre).

(2) You've included a sort of icon in your logo, a ribbon bookmark that sometimes stands in for the letter I and sometimes appears as a decorative element. If you're going to include an icon, why not make it a stylized picture of a book, so it helps your readers decode the title word?

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Thank you everyone.

1. I will be reviewing mostly urban fantasy, horror, sci-fi and fantasy
2. I can try libro or libros. Right now, I'm open to try something new.
3. I've tried the book idea but I couldn't get it to work. If you have any examples or websites I could go to I would appreciate it.

Again thank you for helping me.

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If you're looking for inspiration, google Book Logo and click the Images link. You'll get tons of examples (some good, some bad).

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In a different typeface, it maybe would be easy tu integrate V with an open book.
But I think the bookmark idea remains a better choice, as it's less trite and more to the point.

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Amen, Riccardo.

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mostly urban fantasy, horror, sci-fi and fantasy

That's helpful to know. The unique value you offer your readers isn't the medium (books), it's the style and content of the books.

The condensed, rather plain sans-serif in your logo gives me a corporate/industrial/minimalist vibe. For the genres you're reviewing, I would use type and/or imagery that feels edgier, grungier, lustier.

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Just fooling around . . .

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I like Bo Bergdahl's 'Ex Libris', no matter it's serifed, for your kind of reviews.

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Amin thanks

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