S u g a r

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Thats my first attempt on grey pixel fonts. Compare here the two versions, with and without greys. I think that grey in such small sizes works great, more legible.

I am still experiment with greys on fog, waiting to test Flashfonter now. Your comments are wellcome.


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I think the grays are making a huge (positive) difference.


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Nice work Miguel. Make sure to check white on black as well - there's a delicate balance to strike.

Flashfonter doesn't support the greys you can get in fog/fontlab ... does it?

very glad I started this party :]

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sorry for dual post. slow net day. impatiently, I broke the form.

While I'm wasting space, Miguel, I challenge you to do a full character set. I put one in Halogen and it about broke me. x__X

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For me,the challenge is making a pro pack pixel fonts with grayscale, with complete figures for flash web designers, and NTT Docomo cellphones, pdas...

Sugar will be available with full character set like all my bitmapys..



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Hi Miguel.

It makes a big difference of what kind of monitor you're looking at it with. On a CRT the b/w version looks better crisper vs blurry. On a flatscreen the aliased version seems smoother not blurry or jaggy. Better include both!


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Good job Miguel.
Does "Sugar" blur in Photoshop?

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Darryl, it sounds like you're hitting the technical quicksand in grayscale pixelfont design?


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Nah just asking coz im having this problem, when i choose crisp it appears fine but when i choose smooth its gets blurry. I kinda figured out the problem.

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crumbs, the grey pixels sure do make a heck of a (positive)
difference! NIce work, Miguel, as per usual. I have often
wondered whether looking at these little fella's on screen
all the time hurts your eyes more than "regular" type design?


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Very Nice. IMHO, I think zero

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Why the difference in lc 'a' form in the two fonts?

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