Myfonts: Album function?

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I can’t help but I miss the “add to album function” at MF. I remember that this option used to be on top of the fonts listing at a family’s main page, not far from “Available licensing options” and “Glyph coverage”.
Any hints?

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If you're looking at the font family page, the Album button should be immediately to the right of the price.

If you're looking at a specific font, you can find your Albums by clicking on the triangle on the right of the Add to cart button.

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thank you for releasing me from this enigma.

Completely idiotic.

A classical case of a mislead communication process, I’d say:
a) it has been changed without any necessity,
b) it has been changed without giving notice,
c) it has been changed without reaching any improvement,
d) in its present form it is anything but self-explaining,
e) the crucial bit is completely hidden and the functionality does not meet user expectations,
f) the visual/structural link to the shopping-cart-function is irrational.
hence the whole situation seems to be entirely idiotic.

W H Y ?!!

Can anyone explain?

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I absolutely LOATH this sort of business.

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Agreed. It’s horrible UI design: unintuitive and unexplained.

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My hunch: This function might be used by few people, so they’re first moving it to a hard-to-find spot in the interface. If anybody complains that the function is gone, they can say: Look, it’s still there—but of course, the result is that fewer people will be using it. If, after a while, the number of users has decreased even further, they might remove the function without a lot of fuss.

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Actually, I find this function fairly useful. Why do they hide it?

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