Neue and Alte Haas Grotesk, and alternatives

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I started out using Helvetica as a titling type, but it looks just a little too sterile and clean cut. Looking around for something more soft, I came across Alte Haas Grotesk which looked better. Alas, it has no italic or small caps.

The Neue Haas Grotesk does have an italic (oblique) but still no small caps. It's not quite as rounded either, unfortunately.

Now I'm looking for something like Alte Haas Grotesk but with italic and with small caps. Any recommendations? Bulo Rounded perhaps?

Thanks :)

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Figgins Sans has a little off the arris. Plus italic, small caps, alternate figures, etc.

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Oh sorry, my bad :) This is for a scientific publication, and thus some seriousness and authority is needed; but it's on children's psychology with lots of children's illustrations so the type shouldn't be too cold. That's why I liked the rounded Alte Haas...

Nick, in that context Figgins Sans might be too artsy and playful. But I quite like it!

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Wasn't it @Nick that mentioned somewhere somewhen the possibility of using a slightly heavier weight at a reduced size to work around the lack of smallcaps?

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Yes, “faux” small caps can be used, styled with: (1) a minute amount of stroke, (2) tracked out slightly, and (3) a touch of horizontal scaling. It’s possible to play around with these parameters, as well as (4) height, till one achieves a satisfactory effect.

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Maybe 'Supria Sans' by Hannes von Doehren:
or Kris Sowersby's 'National':

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