Perhaps 1920s-30s style German Script

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I extracted this image from the letterhead of a controversial website with the same name. It was in a gaudy gold on blood red presentation, which I eliminated.

The design looks similar to some German script fonts from the 1920s and 1930s that are fairly regular in style and were set in metal type. But I did not find a match in Jaspert's _Type Encyclopaedia_.
Repeating letters _m_ and _i_ seem to be identical. The good fit of the tails with following letters might be produced by the usual methods used to create a digital font
I would welcome any suggestions.
Thanks .

Lucida Handwriting
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Not from the 20s or 30s--a slightly modified version of Lucida Handwriting, designed in 1992:

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Why so it is! Thanks Kevin.
In my defense, for missing this I note that the designers, Veronika Elsner, and Günther Flake, are German. Just got the date wrong by a few decades :)

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Not quite. The designer is from the US: Kris Holmes. Elsner & Flake are only mentioned as the ‘designer owners’ (which probably means that they are allowed to make money from this design or something like that).

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Thanks for the clarification.
In any case I like the script. Used it many years ago but forgot all about it.

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