software to make font thicker

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Hello everyone,

is there a software where I can just load a font and say "make thicker"?
For laser cutting purposes most fonts often have too thin lines and this makes it hard to get decent results.
Since I don't want to edit each letter by hand - is there a software that can do this automatically?

Thank you in advance

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Which software are you using to prepare your files for cutting?

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I use Illustrator and then some very limited software of the machine.
I know I know - I can adjust the thickness in Illustrator.
But I need it to be visual before I import the design in Illustrator.
Thats why the font must be thickened.

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In Fontlab select and open one test glyph to make bold:
From the main menu: Tools / Actions / Effects / Bold . In the panel that opens try some value for H weight and the same for V weight, click both 'keep glyph dimensions' and 'change weight of the glyph'/OK.
Command Z to return to the original size.
Experiment with various H=V values until you determine the right amount of fat needed. Then click 'apply to entire font' /OK.

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Cool, thank you! :-)

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You can easily do this in Fontographer as well.

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I guess you know that within illustrator, you can convert the type to paths, then use the function "offset path" to make it thicker.

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..however you have to review the resulting glyph outlines. This process sometimes creates extra shapes where the outline bends sharply. In Fontlab there is another way - expand the path - this creates a double outline and you delete the inner outline.

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