Text face with distinctive lowercase g and t

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Thought Identifont would solve this, but couldn't find anything. The lowercase g, with its two spurs on the right, and lowercase t with bottom serif instead of hook, are very distinctive. Sample is scanned from dust jacket of a book published 2004.


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At first I thought it might be an Emigre font, but no match so far....

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Gary, the name of the book (it is by Rick Gekoski, yes?) and its publisher might be important clues in narrowing down the tyepface....

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How about: T-26/Indispose-Light
I cannot find specific link for this one however.

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Excellent sleuthing, Dick.

I can't find a commercial vendor for the typeface either...

...but it has been discussed here before:

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You've nailed it. Thanks! For certain purposes I think it's quite effective. Too bad not available commercially now. Obviously it still was in 2004, when Carroll & Graf Publishers put out Nabokov's Butterfly, by Rick Gekoksi (you had that right too).

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