Diacritic mark questions

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Many diacritic marks occupy two different unicode positions. One of which is the non-spacing, combining glyphs; the other being the standard spacing, non-combining glyphs. Are there reasons to include both in a font? If so, what are those reasons?

Also, when creating composite glyphs with diacritics, is it better to reference the combining glyphs as components or the non-combining equivalent glyphs? Or does it matter?

After a few Google searches, I can't seem to find anything directly addressing these questions. The fonts I've opened in FontLab, are a bit inconsistent in all this.

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Your question was answered in February 2014 in another post you made.

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Ha!!! Well, now I feel just a little more than bit stupid.

The answers given to my original question from a few months back went into greater depth than expected. It seems that I was unable to appreciate at the time that those replies also contained answers to future questions that I'd run into on the same subject.

Thanks. Now I'll crawl back into my hole. ;-)

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