Latinized µ ?

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I'm designing a serif typeface, and I'm wondering what's the acceptable amount of latinization for the mu (µ) glyph? I'm talking about the µ in the Latin-1 Supplement block—the one used for typesetting "µm" & stuff, not the mu in the actual Greek block. Most fonts I've seen do the same for both glyphs, with no serifs, a curved spur and a blob at the bottom of the stem. But I don't know how well that blends when set next to a latin 'm'. I've seen many fonts where the microns just looked horrible. I guess the same issue comes up with the IPA lambda and phi.

Is the following design acceptable?

Also how would you deal with the black spot at the intersection of the 'µ's bowl and the stem?

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Sorry not sure why the picture isn't showing up. Here

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A previous discussion on the subject:

Your link gives a “Forbidden” error.

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Thanks! sorry I really don't know what the problem with the images is...

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