Two different I´s in a font

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Hi guys, it´s my first post, so if i lack the vocabulary sorry in advance. Im having trouble with a specific font letter, i get two different types of I´s(seen in image) i´ve tried to edit the font but it all seemed normal to me. It´s strange, generally the F should not get in the space of the upper part of the I and sometimes it does.Can´t really understand why and i kinda need that I loose. Any thoughts?

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Fonts these days contain something aikin to programs or codes that can be used to tell a layout application to replace one or more glyphs with glyphs that look different. In this case, the code in the font tells the layout application to replace the letters FI by a glyph that contains both of them drawn together (this is called a "ligature"), replace the I by a different I for looks (this is called a "stylistic alternate" or part of a "stylistic set") or possibly replace the I specifically when it comes after an F (this is called a "contextual alternate").

Most layout applications have functions to switch these on or off, tell us what you're using and we can help tell you where to find that function.

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Thanks a lot for the info:), i use Illustrator CS6 and trough your explanation i got it to work by disabling the "Enable Missing Glyph Protection" option. Issue solved, thank you!

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