Faux Arabic _Jihad in the Arabian Sea_ Book cover 2011

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I failed to find a match for the faux Arabic used for the cover of a Hoover Institution Press Publication in 2011 titled _Jihad in the Arabian Sea_ by Camille Pecastaing

Some previous Faux Arabic threads:
Some interesting suggestions, but I did not spot any that were a match for _Jihad in the Arabian Sea_
The repeating letters in _Jihad in the Arabian Sea_ and the author's name look identical, but I appreciate that this does not itself guarantee that this is not lettering.
I would love to see any suggestions you might have.

P22 DaVinci forward
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Searching for anything Arabic would never have yielded the font because this is P22 Da Vinci - stretched in the title.

Edit - Ya beat me to it, Monica.

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Super! Two top sleuths. I would have never thought of Da Vinci as Faux Arabic and would never have looked in these handwriting fonts. But it really works here.
Many thanks.
p.s. Sorry Mike that the Typophile credit system won't let me cite you as well.

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It does work surprisingly well.

Actually, Da Vinci was the second font I looked at. My first guess was Judith Sutcliff's Tagliente - which has some elements in common - and may have worked better for readability of the g and (especially) P. I suppose not as well with some other letters, though.

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