Dynamic, energetic, playful

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I'm willing to bet this is most likely hand-drawn, but would any of you be able to suggest a typeface similar for a particular project I'm working on? I hope you'll agree this font looks just great!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 14.51.33.png22.55 KB


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Maybe Ed Benguit would work for you:

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Some more 'Interlock': Swung Note, Changing, Malamondo, Fido, Croteau, FT Giorgio, Sinzano, Darkheart, Smashing, Manicuore, Rather Loud, Master Of Poster, Gumbutcha
Having a look to fonts tagged 'Interlock' at MyFonts might work as well. Good luck :)

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Thank you gentlemen, these are exactly what I'm after!

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Wood Stamp has a surprising number of alternate interlocking glyphs (none of which show in the preview) for a free typeface.

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