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Can anyone please identify the typeface used for the attached logo. Thank you.

In case the image doesn't load, here is a link:


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I see a Garamond.

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Me too but Garamond is not as wide if you look at the Os and the right vertical on the M is not thick enough. If you try semibold or bold, it gets too thick. Wasn't able to get it with tweaking the horizontal scale either. Thoughts? Thanks.

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Bobby, if you go to and type in Garamond in the search field (or just follow the link above), you'll see more than 170 typefaces whose name contains Garamond or are based on/influenced by Garamond.

There are dozens of variations of the typeface itself, from Adobe Garamond to Simoncini Garamond, and knock-off faces under alternate names. Given that your sample is only 14 pixels tall (about one tenth the height needed to do a search via a visual font database), matching it exactly will be difficult.

The ampersand, however, is pretty distinctive (small upper counter, smaller right tail), and may be the best place to focus.

Garamond No. 2 and Berthold Garamond look promising.

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Thanks Kevin. Couldn't have said it better :) That's why I said 'a' Garamond ;) And to me there's no need to search longer when Adobe Garamond looks to match almost perfectly (at this size at least ;).

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I would also look at URW Garamond T Dem Narrow

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