What is this fancy font? Does this font exist?

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It looks like someone badly mangled Revue: http://www.myfonts.com/search/revue/

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Yeah - at first I thought it might be an early Nick Curtis freebie inspired by some old poster. Those obvious Revue characters, though, make it seem more like some really bad novice mishmash. Perhaps intended as a comic font?

'Fancy' is being too kind, Francis.

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Another example of what stokes and shadows can do to a good font

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Good call Ricardo. Revue seems to be an ancestor of these letters. Inferior to Revue, but not really all that bad. I have seen worse adaptations. The _h_ is bizarre and does not fit the rest. I will at least give the wordmark marks for creativity.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I used Revue, they have differences on Capital P and B. But it's the closest we can get, so It will be fine. I really do think that they have edited it as Ricardo have said so it will really look different. or they drew the other letters.

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