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I think that is Castor by Albert Auspurg, 1924 for Haas. I'm not aware of any digital versions. I'm looking for an image to show.

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For an inline, albeit different, design with a similar colour you could use Dominus:

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This inline/openface style is sometimes called "handtooled" or "highlight."
In addition to Dominus, suggested by Riccardo, here are a few more fonts similar to Albert Auspurg's Castor:
Goudy Handtooled http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Goudy+Handtooled&q=Go
ITC Garamond Handtooled http://www.identifont.com/find?font=ITC+Garamond+Handtooled&q=Go
ITC Century Handtooled http://www.identifont.com/find?font=ITC+Century+Handtooled&q=Go
ITC Cheltenham Handtooled http://www.identifont.com/find?font=ITC+Cheltenham+Handtooled&q=Go
Richler Highlight http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Richler+Highlight&q=Go
Imprint Shadow http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Imprint+Shadow&q=Go
Narcissus http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Narcissus&q=Go
There is also Spotlight http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Spotlight&q=Go This is a heavier font, but is similar to Castor in that it has large angled serifs on _E_, _F_, _S_ etc.
Finally another font by the designer of Castor, Albert Auspurg, which like Castor has large angled serifs on _E_, _F_, _S_ etc. and some overhanging diagonal strokes, but a double inline instead of a highlight. This is his Kolibri of 1915, digitized by Nick Curtis as Trochilida NF http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/nicksfonts/trochilida-nf/ Could be modified by deleting one of the two inline panels and compressing the width to produce a result quite similar to Castor.

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Thank you, Michel, for the Auspurg PDF.

Incidentally, the Solotype Catalog shows a Kolibree 2 which was, like Castor, a highlight style typeface and Kolibree 3 which was totally filled in. Those may have been photolettering constructs.

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Thanks for the help! What an impressive wealth of knowledge.

The feature I particularly liked in Castor was the shape of the Capital S. Although it is quite a bit broader than Castor, I think Spotlight is a pretty good substitute.


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