Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes

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Super zoomed in and altered image, but a serif font that is tall, with a fairly low x-height. Any thoughts?


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Jimmy Fallon uses Crane's thank you cards, and even after finding a good quality, non-distorted image of this type, I couldn't find a hit on Whatfontis or Whatthefont.

The x height, the long, ramrod straight serifs on the T, and the unidirectional serifs on the n and u are very distinctive. This may have been a custom-engraved piece of type that Crane's has been using for a very long time....

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Fontscape has a page showing serif fonts with a small x-height http://www.fontscape.com/explore?OCV
No matches but compressing fonts like Sackers Antique Roman might give you something to think about.
Here is Sackers Antique Roman with width compressed to 40%

Here is Sackers Antique Roman Open also with width compressed to 40%

Closer to your _Thank you_ if you ignore the inline effect.

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For the straight serifs on _T_ and elsewhere, check Rama Slab http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/flat-it/rama-slab/

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